Beauty Tips – Getting back to basics

Happy Easter everyone!

While most people make the most of the long bank holiday weekend by long lay in’s, lazing around and generally just getting out and about and having fun. I make the most of the long weekend by getting all the little job’s I never have time to do done. My blog is just one of them.  Although I have every intention of keeping up to date with this from now on.

I would love to hear your feedback on my post’s, you are the people that read them so I want to know what you do and don’t like reading about.

Over my next few post’s I am going to give you some top beauty tips, trick and recipes to make you all feel good and get ready for the summer. Firstly though It is important to get back to basics.  Beauty is after all from the inside out.


beauty tips woman with clean face

Quite simply it’s main function is to offer protection. The more toxins and pollutants there are in the environment the harder your skin has to work, the harder it work’s the more tired and dull it look’s.  As important as a good beauty regime is sorting out your environment and giving your skin a rest is just as important and much cheaper than fancy creams and beauty tips.

So with this in mind here are a few simple changes you could make to your environment

  • Open Window’s, Air can get dry and stale so open windows and let fresh air in. Especially in work space, bedrooms and areas you spend a lot of time
  • Do you have double glazing and central heating? This can dry out your skin quickly. Air humidifiers or lot’s of plant’s would add moisture back into your air.
  • Get out in natural day light. We NEED  natural light for our health so if you work or spend a lot of time indoors in artificial lighting then make the most of any lunch breaks and get outside.
  • Filter tap water, even for cooking. Tap water contains lot’s of toxins that put pressure on our skin including heavy metals and nitrates.
  • Green House plants can reduce carbon dioxide and other fumes which could make your skin look dull.
  • Use natural instead of synthetic material’s around the house. So wood, cotton and wool for example.
  • Reduce time spent on electrical devices such as laptops and T.V’s. I am very hypocritical writing this one as I live on my lap top. If it is not possible to step away from the lap top then try an anti-glare screen which will reduce the positive Ion effect.


I am not going to preach to you about the other two basic things we should be thinking about when considering getting back to basics with health and beauty. But I do feel I need to briefly touch on them just as a matter of completeness.

So here it is

‘We are what we eat’ a phrase we have all heard, we all know it’s  true and we all know it is no fun. There are still a few simple things you can change without drastically changing your life. Although if you have the dedication to change your diet for the better then go you!

  • Increase your intake of fresh vegetable and fruit.
  • If costs permit buy organic, less chemical’s = less work for your body to process
  • Steam veg to maintain as many nutrients as possible
  • When appropriate store food in glass or china containers instead of plastic which could leak toxin’s into your food.
  • Use glass or stainless steel cooking utensils instead of aluminium
  • Drink more water, bottled or filtered.

Finally the other taboo subject which I am not going to preach to you about but feel I need to mention is the dreaded ‘E’ word.


The older you get the more important it is. We are not talking about running a Marathon everyday before breakfast or cycling the coast to coast on your weekends off but short and regular exercise does play an important role in keeping healthy and looking good.  Try building it into your daily life as you are less likely to notice and more likely to keep doing it .Think about walking the kid’s to school, getting off the bus a stop earlier than normal and walking, cycling to work, or 20 minute jog around the block.

I don’t think anyone will be very surprised with anything I have just wrote about, no secrets or trick’s just a bit of simple knowledge that we probably all knew but it is easy to forget and loose our way a bit from time to time.  While typing this I just realised I have my central heating on full so have got the hubby up from his comfy chair to open the window and let a bit of air in. I feel better already.

Next time I will start giving you ideas and recipes for beauty regimes but I wanted to discuss the basics first as looking good is just as much about how you feel from the inside as well as how you look on the outside.