Hair Care Tips – Part One

Hair seems to be getting a raw deal at the moment with straightener’s, crimper’s, wands, hair dryers and all the other heat based gadgets working there way into our daily styling routine’s.  It may seem a little dramatic to refer to your hair as your ‘crowning glory’ but we all know what a bad hair day can do to your self esteem. There is nothing more frustrating than spending lots of pounds on a new outfit or expensive make up for your hair to decide it has a mind of it’s own and start rocking the frizz look while your aim was the smooth sleek and straight hair goddess look.00000000


Your Hair has hidden depths

There is so much more to your hair than what meets the eye. It is made up of three layers:

1) The outer layer (cuticle) – This is made up of keratin which protects the inner layers from bacteria and keeps moisture locked in. It is made up of overlapping sections which while flat protect the hair. Strong alkaline solutions (which many commercial products contain) cause the sections to stick out which allows bacteria to get into your hair and moisture to escape. Rinsing with an acidic finisher such as vinegar or lemon will help smooth down the sections which will help your hair appear shiny and smooth. More on this later on.

2) Cortex – This is where the natural colour  of your hair is made.

3) Medulla – This is the inner, hollow core of your hair.

Hair Care Routine

  • Wash your hair as often as it need’s. Every one’s hair is different depending on the oil’s it producers so if it looks a little dull or greasy give it a wash. Just try to find a gentle shampoo if you are a regular washer.
  • Always condition your hair after washing, this may sound like a simple tip but so many people don’t do this. Try to make the time once a week to deep condition your hair, I will tell you a little more about this later as well.
  • I know we are all busy, busy, busy but try and find the time to let your hair dry naturally every now and then, the more the better as the heat is just not your friend if you want shiny and sleek hair.
  • NEVER go to bed with wet hair. This creates the perfect environment for all the nasty bacteria to have a party and multiply in your locks. It can even lead to you waking up with headaches.
  • Clean your hairbrushes and combs every week, remove old hair and soak in soapy water.



Conditioning is the best way to fight back against all the damage we cause to our hair while styling, actually make that the second best way as the first would be not styling in the first place which we all know we will never stop doing. There are two ways to condition your hair, before shampooing or preconditioning and after shampooing.

If you have thin, easily damaged hair or split ends then preconditioning may be the best option.

Preconditioner recipes

Simple Olive Oil Preconditioner:

Fill a cup 1/4 full with Olive Oil, Carefully stand it in a bowl of boiling water to heat the oil. Gently massage the oil through your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or cling film and allow your hair to absorb the oil for up to an hour. If you are short on time then fifteen minutes will make a difference although longer will show better results.  Wash you hair your normal way but shampoo twice to make sure all the oil is out.

Natural Protein Boost Preconditioner – suitable for normal to dry hair:

1 Egg Yolk

150g plain yoghurt

Cheap and cheerful and a very effective way to add shine to dull and lifeless hair, can be used before or after shampooing.  Mix both ingredients together, massage into your hair and leave for ten minutes.  Rinse off under cool water and shampoo as normal.

Mayonnaise Preconditioner – for normal to dry hair

Now you might feel silly doing this one but you wont look silly after it has worked it’s magic. A good quality mayonnaise preferably in a squirty bottle is best to avoid mess. Rub the mayonnaise through your hair, cover with a plastic shower cap or cling film and leave for 15-30 minutes. Rinse off and then shampoo as normal.

Parsley Preconditioner – for all hair types

2-3 cups of freshly chopped parsley

1 cup boiling water

This conditioner helps create a balance and boosts slow growing hair. Add 1 cup of the parsley to the boiling water and leave to infuse for around 30 minutes, add this mixture and the rest of the parsley to a food processor or blender and mix into a paste. Yo can add a little more parsley to make your mixture thicker or a little more water to make it thinner, Check the temperature is not too hot and massage it into your hair and scalp. Cover with a shower cap or cling film, leave for up to one hour and then rinse off before shampooing as normal.


This is just part one as there are so many tips and tricks out there to give you lovely locks. I sell cosmetics which include shampoo’s and conditioner’s which I believe are really important to your general hair care up keep but I also think it is important to understand what you are using and why and find alternatives or temporary substitutes to tackle your beauty problems  at home without breaking the budget. I have tested and enjoyed the benefits of all the above recipes and tips and wanted to pass my knowledge on to you to try for yourself. All the recipes are intended for immediate use as there are no preservatives to keep them fresh. If you enjoyed reading this or try any of the above then I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

My next blog will be Hair Care tips continued so keep checking back.

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