Holiday Beauty

So we book a holiday and then spend months looking forward to it, daydreaming of lounging around in the sunshine. Then suddenly after months of looking forward to it we suddenly realise it is a week before we are due to fly. We didn’t get time to start our beach body diet, our legs and bikini line are growing a little out of control and our feet are dry and cracked and more suitable to hiding in fluffy socks rather than baring their little tootsies in flip flops. We suddenly realise that every second of the next seven days is going to be spent plucking, shaving, scrubbing, buffing, moisturising, painting, tinting, bleaching and blitzing.


Hairy Kim Kardashian
I found myself in this exact scenario last week. After months of non stop weddings, christening and birthdays my free time had been non existent and I found my holiday had just crept up out of no where. So in-between working full time in my day job, running my business in the evenings, washing, drying and packing clothes and tidying my house I had to find time to make myself look beautiful. Now running a business that stocks pampering products makes it a little bit easier for me than most but I still have to try and find the time to pamper, not to mention painting my nails, plucking my eye brows and all the other womanly bits we have to do.
I realised that there is only so much one woman can do and I may need a little help from the professionals. Now I’m not a huge fan of salon visits. I have found some I have visited in the past to be quite pretentious and I get no enjoyment out of making small talk about the weather or what holidays I have booked particularly when the person I am conversing with looks so disinterested. And after paying what feels like a small fortune for the pleasure I always find myself feeling less relaxed than ever. Oh let’s not forget to mention the shame of walking back through town post facial waxing!
Luckily for me I have found a local small boutique salon which offers a completely different pampering experience. More about this later.

The Holiday Beauty Pamper Plan

Monday – lets get scrubby.
So first on my list of things to do was to rid myself of my winter skin, by this I mean dry and dull. So a good exfoliation both body and face was needed. So my weapon’s of choice came from my very own stock room. I am always happy to try new products and even very occasionally purchase non Bath Mama products (variety is the spice of life) however that being said I know I stock high quality, effective products so rarely get the urge to wander and purchase else where. In this case I knew I had just the two products for the job.
Pulp friction exfoliating face mask
Facial exfoliation needs to be done carefully and gently so not to damage the delicate skin around your eyes and lips. I love this product as it is multi functional, gentle and smells lovely. This mask deep cleanses and removes build up’s from deep within your pores and gently exfoliates as you wash it off to remove dead skin and impurities from the surface of your face.
Orange Body Scrub
One of my favourite products, this orange body scrub is invigorating. It contains real fruit granuals and shredded loofah to give you an all over body exfoliation and rid you of your dull winter skin.
Make an exfoliator from your kitchen cupboard
If you find yourself in need of a good exfoliation but have no time left in your busy schedule to stock up then simply mix some sugar or salt with some olive oil from your kitchen and use this in the exact same way as a fancy, shop bought exfoliator. It is just as effective but comes without fancy packaging and perfumes.
Tuesday – Hand it over to the professionals
So as I mentioned above I am not a fan of all salons. I have however found a little boutique beauty salon just around the corner from me which offers a really charming, friendly and professional service. I felt the need to tell you all about it as it was such a refreshing change to visit here.
Boutique Beauty

The Salon has been lovingly converted at the bottom of the owners house. It has it’s own private entrance and is full of charm and style. I love the fact that the owner has created a unique gift corner full of products from local crafter’s including handbags, candles, pamper products (including products from The Bath Mama’s range), jewellery and much more. There are no huge promotional posters or ad’s like in many salons and I find the whole experience relaxing and refreshing.
So after a couple of hours pampering and a lot of gossiping I emerge feeling much more ready to face my holiday wardrobe.
I had a manicure with Shellac,a  pedicure with a lovely coral polish and then to finish it off a not so relaxing facial wax, waxing has to be the worst part of any pampering regime but is a necessary evil.
If you are local to Garforth I would definatly recomend trying this place out. If you are a bit further a field then do your home work. Some of my favourite salon’s and spa’s are small independent businesses so have a look around your local area and dont necessarily choose the obvious choice.
Please comment on the post with recommendations if you have had a good experience at a salon or spa near you.
I can also highly recommend Orchid Beauty Thearpy in Blyth. A lovely, cosy, charming salon with friendly and very talented, well trained staff. 
After my salon visit I was starting to feel the part and was much more motivated to tackle the rest of me.
Wednesday – The Hair
A good hair cut to rid me of any split ends, I am always a bit fussy about my hair so have a lovely lady who I have been using for years to come round to my house. For me this is brilliant as I can wash and condition my hair with the products of my choice, she then cut’s it and styles it for me.
Ginger Beer Hair Conditioner


One of my favourite products and also one of my best sellers. Beer is the not so secret new super ingredients being used in many new hair care products. It helps strengthen, protect and thicken your hair adding volume and shine.  This is my conditioner of choice for ever day hair washing but I just love a good hair mask for deep conditioning every couple of weeks.

 Fresh Salad Hair Mask

Hair masks


Now this is the pot of choice for a deep condition. Full of natural super ingredients this will leave your hair feeling unbelievably soft and looking really healthy and shiny. The smell is pretty amazing too.
Thursday – Saturday
The next few days all mingled together in a blur of packing, tidying and working hard. I did manage to squeeze in all the remaining holiday beauty essentials. Shaving, plucking, moisturising and buffing.
Strawberry and Ginger face moisturiser 
Rich Moisturiser Strawberry and ginger
Coconut Body Butter
Red Pepper Foot Mask
After all that pampering I was exhausted and ready to show off all my hard work in the sun for one week in Italy!
The sun wasn’t exactly my friend though and I spent most of the holiday covered up. At least I felt beautiful on the inside 🙂
If you want a complete set of pre holiday pamper products then please just send me a message. All the products mentioned above: pulp friction facial mask, Orange body exfoliator, Ginger Beer hair conditioner, Fresh Salad hair mask, Strawbery and ginger moisturiser, coconut body butter and red pepper foot mask come to a grand total of £29.00 so spoiling yourself dose not have to cost a fortune.