Don’t you wish that you could stay naturally beautiful forever? Yes, we all wish it to be true. Until that’s possible, we have to rely on makeup to look gorgeous. If you are keen to look flawlessly beautiful, you should know the steps of applying makeup. However, such knowledge doesn’t solve all problems because keeping the makeup intact an entire day is the real challenge.

Imagine the horror of seeing the carefully done eye gradually melting off by midday or the foundation on your cheeks ‘cracking up’ after a couple of hours. Indeed it is horrific even to imagine it. Unfortunately, these things happen, and they happen way too often. Is there a solution to this problem? Thankfully, yes! There are quite simple tricks that ensure your makeup lasts the entire day. Let’s take a look.

#Trick 1

Start your makeup routine by hydrating your face with a moisturiser. A moisturiser helps to keep your skin fresh and lets the makeup stay on for longer. A moisturised face takes time to dry, If you have dry skin, apply an intensely hydrating moisturiser in the winter while it is recommended you use a mattifying moisturiser if you have oily skin.

#Trick 2

After moisturising your face, do not forget to use a primer. Many think buying a primer is just a waste of money, but once you use it, you will beg to differ. Primer should be applied before the foundation as it becomes a protective layer between the foundation and the skin. If you face starts to dry or get oily, the primer helps to keep the foundation intact. There are different types of primers available you should get one which suits your skin type.

#Trick 3

Concealer helps in easing out the creases and attains a perfect base. However, many complain that concealers themselves become the reason of crease and during the day get clumpy. But if you blend the concealer carefully after applying it, this problem won’t arise. This way the concealer will help keep the makeup on for a longer period of time.

#Trick 4

Another problem area is the eye. Eye makeup tends to wash up quickly. If you want to keep the eye makeup intact, remember this trick. Prime your lids before applying eyeshadows. It helps keep the pigments on the eyes all day long.

#Trick 5

Even though there are lipsticks that promise to stay for as long as 12 hours, often it doesn’t stop the lips from looking chapped and cracked. Lips going dry are very common and continuously applying lipstick is a tiresome option. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to prime your lips before applying any colour. Moisturising your lips helps keep them hydrated. You can use a lip balm or a translucent lip primer.

#Trick 6

This last trick is for when your makeup is done. Before you step out of the house, remember to set your makeup with a setting spray or a translucent setting powder. This is considered to be a crucial step as setting sprays or powders helps to retain the makeup all throughout the day. But the spray or powder should only be used when you have completed the makeup. After spraying, it will be hard to apply makeup.

When you apply makeup the right way, it can make you look ethereal. But many do not adhere to the required steps and end up looking worse than ever. If you want to avoid such a disgrace, you need to follow the right steps and also remember the above tricks.