Bathrooms are our little (or big) islands of privacy, where we clean up, unwind, and refresh before and after a hard day’s work. Changing lifestyles and burgeoning technology has added a new wave of exciting accessories to the bath. Here are 10 unusually cool bathroom accessories you can love or hate, but just cannot ignore!

1. Waterproof LED TV

Ever thought of watching your favourite TV series while you’re in the bath? This waterproof HD LED TV can be wall mounted anywhere in your bath, even under the shower. Now you don’t need to take your expensive phone or tablet into the bath and risk dropping it (ouch!).

2. Automatic Soap Dispenser

It can be a messy affair to pump out the soap from a manual dispenser when your hands are soiled. This inexpensive soap dispenser from Next senses when your hand is under the spout releasing the soap within just 0.2 seconds. Simply place it on the sink and it’s ready to go.

3. Slow-close Toilet Seats

These trendy toilet seats from Next come with a new, easy-to-clean quick-release hinge design that makes sure the lids doesn’t bang against the rim when lowering. These are available in many cool metallic or wood texture can make any bathroom look stylish.

4. Décor Walther Bath Cushion

Are you the kind of person who could fall asleep in a hot bath? This designer bath cushion will lull you into sweet dreams. It’s waterproof and dries quickly. Available in black and white colours.

5. Black Sparkle Bathroom Accessories

This set of five glittering accessories can virtually give a new makeover to your bathroom within a small budget. Also available in sparkling white colour as ‘Silver Sparkle’.

6. Stunning Toilet Rolls

It seems there’s no end when it comes to styling bathrooms. These multicolour toilet rolls come in shocking-pink, dark-grey, turquoise, red, and bright yellow. People may not remember a lot from last night’s party, but they will remember your toilet rolls.

7. Fruit Bathing Sponges

Ever fancy yourself scrubbing your body with some tropical fruits…a watermelon, for instance? Or a lemon or a blueberry, maybe? These cool sponges make bathing fun, particularly for kids. Only available at The Bath Mama.

8. Accessory Sets

It’s hard to think of a truly marvellous bathroom without having some designer accessories to feast your eyes on. Available in multiple materials including wood, resin, ceramic, metal, and even leather, these luxury accessory sets mix form with function in perfect proportions. Look for them at Next, Housolgy, or Amara.

9. Heated Toilet Seats

Some of the items on our list are purely for luxury, but this one is a necessity. There’s a big difference between sitting on an icy cold toilet rim and a warmly heated one. Which will you choose, given the choice?

10. Temperature Sensing Shower Light

Stepping into a cold shower in winters can make anyone scream. But, with this temperature sensing LED showerhead, you’ll never make that mistake. The blue LED changes its colour to red when the water temperature reaches 89-degrees F. Best of all, it needs no batteries and installs in minutes.

11. Bluetooth Showerhead

Even if you’re not fond of singing in the shower, Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead can make you hum a tune or two. It sports a Bluetooth wireless speaker right in the centre, which you can easily remove, recharge, and reinstall. Sync it with your phone and have a blast in the bath!

So, what did you think of our selection of the unusually cool bathroom accessories? Which one would you love or hate the most to have?