Tropical Pamper Kit

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This gorgeous gift set includes,

Paradise punch soap 50g

Banana lip balm 10ml

Banana Colada Creamer

Coconut body butter 50g

These come already gift boxed

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This gorgeous gift set includes,

Paradise Punch Soap 50g – Nuts! How many ways can you use coconuts? Believe me, they’re on this one soap. There’s desiccated, whole pieces and oil. No more dry skin and the scent of paradise too

Banana Lip Balm 10ml

Banana Colada Creamer – Creamers are gently fizzing bath oil bombs, as you drop them in your bath they will slowly release a luxurious creamy blend of moisturising goodies. When your skin feels in the need of a good holiday, Banana Colada is like a ticket to the Caribbean. Lashings of Banana, Coconut and Cocoa Butter will moisturise and feed your skin some summer goodness, we even have calming Calamine Powder to cool and soothe!

Coconut Body Butter 50g – A deep moisturising and skin nourishing body butter, ideal for after the bath or shower. Hot melted Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oils are whipped and blended into a rich skin treat for all skin types.

These come already gift boxed


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